The tournament schedule is a time map for when your team will compete in each event. 


For instance, in the A is for Anatomy event, from 9:00-9:30am, it lists "67-88".  All teams with team numbers in that range have a reserved spot to compete. 


Your team is expected to compete in more than one event at a time, but individual students obviously can not, so be careful when assigning events.  You may want to avoid adjacent time assignments for individual students to make certain they can arrive on time and ready to compete.



This is a complicated item to produce, with many constraints.  The time conflicts for your team may not be the same as for other teams.  Excluding the requirements for Crash Car Eggspert and Precision Ping Pong Propulsion, no team is required to compete in more than two events at the same time.


For many reasons, the schedule will not be changed, including to accomodate the preference of an individual team. Please don't ask.  Swapping slots with another team is also not permitted.  Intentionally attending the wrong slot on the schedule may disqualify your event team.  Please don't.




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