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Macomb Science Olympiad is proudly celebrating its 32nd year. 
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Science Olympiad captures the kind of interest, enthusiasm, and commitment for science that is typical of athletic programs. The program is aligned with national science standards designed to increase student interest and test scores in science, while strengthening problem solving and teamwork skills.

Each year, MSO hosts two major tournaments in Macomb County: one for elementary students, and another for middle and high school students.   Approximately 2000 students, accompanied by family and school faculty attend these tournaments; in total, about 4000 people

MSO provides training and workshops for coaches and students, both directly, and in partnership with other local organizations.

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At the tournaments, our objective is to provide a well-organized, fun and exciting day for the students. 

The students compete in 16 events at the elementary level, and 46 events at the secondary level. 

Macomb Community College graciously provides the facilities for all tournament activities.  More than 200 adult volunteers staff all the activities required to support the day, from Greeters, to Event Supervisors, to Cleanup.

The awards ceremony is an exciting event.  We provide medals to top competitors, as well as medals and trophies to the top teams.  In the Secondary division, the top teams qualify to compete at the state-level tournament which follows a few months later, and maybe the National tournament!



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