Code Ninjas

Code Ninjas


Description:   Students will be tested on computer science and computational mathematics concepts.  The programming language focus for this season is Java.  The detailed event rules have been changed substantially since the beginning of the season, as documented in the FAQs.


This is a demonstration event for 2018 - Click here to learn what that means.


Event Supervisor: Swati Dharia  ninja super

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 Download the current rules here.  
 Presentation From the January Event Coach workshop    

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newr 2  

newr 2 From the February workshop:
      Data type clarifications
      Intro to Java
      Practice questions
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What is meant by "Arithmetic Operations"? I saw that topic in the category index from the practice tournament.


Java Arithmetic Operations are those which students routinely learn about in Algebra, plus a few more:




+ (Addition)

Adds values on either side of the operator.

A + B will give 30

- (Subtraction)

Subtracts right-hand operand from left-hand operand.

A - B will give -10

* (Multiplication)

Multiplies values on either side of the operator.

A * B will give 200

/ (Division)

Divides left-hand operand by right-hand operand.

B / A will give 2

% (Modulus)

Divides left-hand operand by right-hand operand and returns remainder.

B % A will give 0

++ (Increment)

Increases the value of operand by 1.

B++ gives 21

-- (Decrement)

Decreases the value of operand by 1.

B-- gives 19


These topics are also discussed in this video


I see on the category index that several question are labeled as "Exception/Programming". Isn't the topic of "Exception Handling" excluded from the scope?

Yes, Exception Handling is excluded.


There were several questions in the practice test that were on programing that was related to exceptions.


Because of the potential ambiguity of these types of question in terms of which rules category they belong to, they will not be included in the test at the Regional tournament.

UPDATED: How many questions will be on the test, given all the rules changes?

There will be about 50 multiple choice questions.  In addition there will be several tie-breaker questions that are fill-in-the-blank format.

There were 40 questions on the practice tournament test, and most students finished early.

What types of data structures will be in scope, and what kinds of questions are likely to be asked?

The online resource "" is a good resource for this topic.  

On that site there is a page titled "Data Structures and Algorithm Basic Concepts" which covers the relevant material. 

ALERT: These Part 1 topics are no longer in scope

These 5 topics will not be included in the scope of the Code Ninjas event:


 - Object-oriented programming

 - Collections

 - I/O processing

 - Exception handling

 - Recursion

ALERT: Part 2 Major rule change

Part 2 of the Code Ninjas event will not involve students writing code, or using a computer interface.


The scope of Part 2 will still be focused on questions related to the Java programming language. 


Questions will be asked in a multiple choice format, and students will record their answers on a ZipGrade form.


Accordingly, the grading rubric which refers to Accuracy, Efficiency and Readability no longer applies.  Each question will have one best answer.


Students will be provided scrap paper.  However, all answers must be recorded on the ZipGrade form.  Markings on the scrap paper will not be graded.  All paper must be returned before leaving the room.


Will students be given paper to use for working out math problems?

Yes, paper will be provided.  

They will be required to turn in that scrap paper with the test.

I don't see Code Ninjas on the tournament schedule. When will my team compete?

The scheduling for this event is being handled through a self-schedule system.  Every team will be able to reserve a slot that works for the two students who they may have assigned to this event.  If you are an event coach, contact your Head Coach to confirm the time they have reserved.

Must the two students on Code Ninjas be part of the (up to) 16 students on our team?


Only students who are formally registered as a team member may participate in this "Demonstration" event.  Each team is limited to a maximum of 16 students.

Can our team have more than 2 students participate in Code Ninjas?

Not at the Macomb tournament.  Practice tournaments may have different participation rules and should be consulted.

Code Ninjas is listed as a Demonstration Event. What does that mean?

A Demonstration Event in our tournament has these characteristics:

  - It is a competitive event; students may win an event place medal.

  - The rank score from the event does not contribute to the team total; thus it is not a required event. 

  - Similarly, a team will not be penalized for not participating 

  - Only students from a registered team may participate.