Crash Car Eggspert

Crash Car Eggspert 

Description: Each team will build a structure on top of a PineCar Racer. The structure will be designed to hold and protect one or two eggs as the car is rolled down a progressively steeper series of ramps and crashed into an immovable barrier.  


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Event Supervisor: Amish Dharia



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The rules say the paper bag dimensions will be 10 ½” x 5 ¼” x 3 ¼”, but I can't find a store that sells that exact dimension.

Good catch.   It appears that our go-to supplier for these changed the product slightly and we didn't notice.


Our bags will continue to be purchased from Walmart.  The revised bag size is 10 3/4" x 5 1/8"  x 3 1/4".



Does this mean the egg may not be wrapped, covered, or attached to the car using the given material? It will merely"sit" in the cage built? Can it be wedged in between the given material.

The Egg should not be wrapped or covered. Egg should be able to come out of the Structure as a free fall after they run each Slope to ensure its not leaking.

This video could be useful to you! 

Is it against the rules to blow up the balloons?

There are no issues and you can blow up the balloons

How much of each item needs to be used?

You can use one all the items in the brown bag. Not everything from the bag needs to be used

Will I know what will be in the bag before build ?.

No List will NOT be published ahead of time. 

Is that okay if kids use all 25 mins for construction? Or for the tie breaker does these construction time also counts?

Yes the Construction time is a critical factor in Scoring. Please review the rules page that explains how scoring is done

On the day of the competition, do the students get their eggs before or after the timed build?

Students will be getting the eggs at the same time they get the Kit to start the build.

Are there any regulations on the type of pliers that the students may bring into the event?

No there are no restrictions on the size of pliers they can bring to the event.