CrashCar Eggspert Materials


You're an event coach and you're rounding up materials to begin practicing.Egg-head-angry
You may look at the list of materials and think you'll be running all over town trying to find all this stuff!

We've made sure you can get everything on the list with one trip to Walmart (unless other coaches get there ahead of you).


As always- Be sure you're using this years rules!


Egg-head-shyIf you picked up a CrashCar Engineering Kit
at the extravaganza, be very careful!

It contains enough material for several experimental builds, but at the tournament the material you're given will match the list on the rules- exactly!




What does that mean?
This is only an example: Your kit may contain 30 marshmallows (enough for 10 test runs), but the 2014 rules say 3 marshmallows.
Be sure you're practicing with the correct quantities.
The current rules may not include marshmallows- may have be replaced by coconut shell hair or unicorn ear wax- don't be misled by examples you've seen- Verify the rules you're using are current!


egg car modifiedAre you looking for additional cars to practice with?
To be sure coaches could easily find them, the "vehicle platform" is a basic Pinewood Derby car (with a minor modification). Cub Scouts have been running Pinewood derbys for 60 years.

Our event sponsor Great Lakes Hobby & Toy keeps them in stock.
Click here to find them.



Good luck- have fun!