Crime Busters Study Material


The Crime Busters event is back- and it's more exciting than ever!


If you've coached this event before, you'll see that some of the improvements may present new challenges for event coaches (but it's worth it).

Our Event Supervisors invest many hours creating and providing additional resources and study materials.

Keep an Eye on the Crime Busters event web page for rule clerifications (FAQs), and check back here for new activities.

Click here to learn more about the Crime Busters Practice Investigation Kit.




We’ve posted a collection of material from past years here. 
Some of the material may not apply to this year’s tournament.

Spend some time browsing through this material and you’re sure to find
something interesting to your kids. 






 newr 2

These are the actual
tournament tests from 2015


Part D instructions

Unspecified evidence

Prints packet compressed

Prints packet final

District test answer sheet

County test answer sheet





 Fingerprint Samples    Fingerprint Cards

Shoe Print Samples

   Tire Print Samples 



  Practice "Crime Scene" 01


   Practice "Crime Scene" 02



 Crime Busters Extravaganza handout


 Crime Busters Extravaganza handout