Description: Students will interpret and organize information using pictographs, pie, bar,line and double line graphs.


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Event Supervisors: Theresa Socha and Marc Socha

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May students separate the test pages and work independently?

Yes.  It is recommended that students do so. Otherwise, they will have trouble completing the test.

At the end of the test, the supervisor will collect all the pages and restaple them together.

Are students allowed to write down their calculations on the test, rather than always use a calculator?

Yes.  Each team is given their own copy of the test, and may use it for calculations.

However, calculations recorded on the test will not be scored.  Only the answers recorded on the ZipGrade form for will be scored for Part 1.

Will the test include questions on ratios?

The term "ratio" is unlikely to appear, but the idea will be included.  For instance, a question which asks "which one is twice as much?".

Please clarify what is meant by if something takes place "over time", and when a bar or line graph is appropriate.

Bar graphs are descriptive.  They compare discrete amounts of data such as the number of things.  They help us make generalizations and see differences in the data.  


Line graphs show a relationship between two variables.  They are useful for showing trends in data, especially continuous changes over time, and for making predictions.


Data which is continuous can become discrete if it is aggregated.   For instance, we could measure the number of phone calls received each hour, or each day.  If we add the data for each month together and display it by month, the data is no longer continuous.  By hour, the data would more appropriately be displayed with a line graph.  By month, the data would be more appropriately be displayed with a bar graph.



What type of answer sheet will be used for the multiple choice part of the test?

We are switching to ZipGrade starting at the practiice tournaments (March 2017)