Rock Hound Workshop

Paul Randazzo, our Rock Hound event supervisor
is a member of the Mt. Clemens Gem & Lapidary Society.  


Every year they host a very popular four session workshop. You will hear the Rock Hound event explained in great detail, along with other fascinating facts. Many Science Olympiad teams look forward to attending this workshop year after year.

 kit in box

Students receive a set of sample rocks and minerals to take home. During the workshop, important features about the different rock samples are explained as the kids examine their own samples.


You can click the link directly below a video icon to download a .pdf of the slide presentation and get a close look at the great images. The videos were recorded at an earlier workshop. Links to updated slide presentations will be added below after each new workshop session.


BE CAREFUL! Statements made and questions answered at the workshop are NOT THE RULES! Always be sure you're using the current rules, available on this website.

Questions about event rules may be submitted on our website prior to the tournament.

Your question, and the Event Supervisor's response to your question will be
posted on the FAQ page for all to see.

Only the published rules and the rule clarifications posted on the website will be applied when judging and scoring the events at the tournament.


You can click here to see the event supervisor explain the event at the January extravaganza.


Expect to learn a lot about rocks and minerals, but remember
that information found there IS NOT AN OFFICIAL RULE CLARIFICATION. 

- video available -

ING Thumb Rock


- video available -

META Thumb Rock

Click here for the
Igneous Rock slide presentation
for 2016 and 2017



Click here for the
Metamorphic Rock slide presentation

 with new material for 2017

- video available -

SED Thumb Rock


- video available -

MIN Thumb Rock

Click here for the
Sedimentary Rock slide presentation

for 2016 and 2017


Click here for the
Minerals slide presentation

with new material for 2017