Rocket Launch Conditions


NASA has launch weather guidelines, and so do we.


cold rocket launch

At 7pm the night before the tournament,
we look at the hourly forecast for the beginning of launch time.  Launches will be cancelled if the forecast satisfies any of these criteria:

·       -  Ambient temperature will be lower than 32F degrees

·       -  Wind speed will be greater than 20 mph

·       -  Real Feel temp will be below 24F degrees
     (or in the absence of Real Feel, ambient temp in F
     minus wind speed in mph will be lower than 24)

·       -  Greater than a 50% chance of precipitation

At launch time,
launches will be cancelled if there is:

·       -  Indications of lightning in the area

·       -  Active precipitation, and evidence that it will continue




The decision to cancel a launch is



You may have endured bad weather when practicing with your team, but there are additional problems to deal with when several teams are launching
at a competitive event.


We’ve learned that if we attempt to launch in poor weather described in our launch criteria, it is impossible to conduct a consistent and fair tournament.


The first few teams may launch with no problem.

But teams launching later will likely suffer the consequence
of Ice forming on the launcher’s release mechanism.

This happens gradually, and may prevent a clean release of the rocket.


If your team wasn’t one of the first to launch, you would not be happy.