Weather Or Not

Weather or Not

Description: Students will be tested on their knowledge of weather and meteorology.  Topics may include clouds, simple scientific weather instruments and their functions, weather patterns, severe weather, and weather photographs, drawings, or diagrams.  Questions may also include states of water, water cycle, weather terminology, atmosphere, and seasonal changes in weather.


Event Supervisor: Ray Buzenski

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I know there is less that on minute in each station and 3-4 questions in each station. How many questions in total for the weather or not event? Also how many stations?

16 stations of 4 questions each plus 2 stations with tie breaker questions.  There will be 3 projected media items with 4 questions each.  Total questions: 76.

The rules say that historical figures in Meteorology are in scope, but the Supervisor said it would not be in scope at the training event. Which is accurate?

The scope of the rules has been changed.  No questions about historical figures in Meteorology will be asked.

Will there be questions on Isobars?

The kids need to know what isobars are and what they represent.  They should potentially be able to pick them out on a weather map.