Wildlife Safari

Wildlife Safari

Description: Students will demonstrate their ability to identify fish and their habitats through the use of field guides.


Event Supervisor: David Anthony (Belle Isle Nature Center) and 
                               Adam Dewey  
 (Detroit Zoo)





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How much time are students allowed to answer the bird calls, compared to the total test time?

At the beginning of the testing session, a series of 20 bird calls will be played for students.  Each call is played for about 15-20 seconds, before moving on to the next call.

The audio says "Bird call number 1", and then it plays.   And so on.  The total time for bird calls is less than 7 minutes.


While the bird calls are being played, students may also work on answering questions in the rest of the test.  


This is not a station-based event this year.  Each team works from their own copy of the test.

May students write on the test they are given? For example, if they wanted to circle their answer on the test to avoid confusion when filling out the ZipGrade answer form?

Yes, they may mark on the test materials.  


However, it may be faster to mark their answer directly on the ZipGrade form.

Also, we are planning to reuse at least some of the test materials to save printing costs.  We will appreciate it if some of the teams don't mark on their test materials.

May students create their own index to be used along with the Stan Tekiela Field Guide?

A team of two students is allowed to bring one field guide per student.  Accordingly, a team of two students could bring the Stan Tekiela field guide as one of them, and create their own field guide with a different indexing system as the 2nd field guide.  Or they could create an alternate index, and make certain that it is securely fastened to the purchased field guide.

Will questions be asked about all of the birds in the field guide or just from the 40 birds for which they need to know the birdcall?

Questions may be asked about any of the birds in the book and also from information from the introduction sections.

Is there a size limit on the student-created field guide?

The rules do not specify a size limit.  Remember that it cannot have loose pages.  There is probably a practical limit on how big it can be or should be.