Wildlife Safari

Wildlife Safari

Description: Students will demonstrate their ability to identify Michigan mammals with the use of field guides.  They will also demonstrate their understanding of basic ecological concepts such as food chains, food webs, and and the impact of humans on the ecology of Michigan.


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Event Supervisor: 
David Anthony (Belle Isle Nature Center) and 
                               Adam Dewey  
 (Detroit Zoo)





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Will students be asked about pages 270-279 in the field guide?

The content that is uniquely presented on those pages is not in scope. 

Those pages cover Linnaean taxonomic orders of Michigan mammals in the branching tree format.


However, there is content on pages 270-279, such as scientific names, which is in scope.  Those scientific names can more conviently be found on the pages dedicated to each individual animal.

Are there restrictions regarding what can be included in the student-made field guide?

No.  The only restriction is that there may be no loose pages.

Because time is limited at each station, students should be very familiar with the content of their study guide.  

Will the students be expected to identify animal scat?

Yes, but we do include a hint in the question to make it easier.

The rules say that students may view photographs of mammal skulls; however, there are none in the field guide. Should the students find another reference to be answer questions about skulls?

No, they will not have to. The skull questions have hints that students should be able to answer it they are familiar with the field guide. 

May students create their own index to be used along with the Stan Tekiela Field Guide?

A team of two students is allowed to bring one field guide per student.  Accordingly, a team of two students could bring the Stan Tekiela field guide as one of them, and create their own field guide with a different indexing system as the 2nd field guide.  Or they could create an alternate index, and make certain that it is securely fastened to the purchased field guide.

Is there a size limit on the student-created field guide?

The rules do not specify a size limit.  Remember that it cannot have loose pages.  There is probably a practical limit on how big it can be or should be.