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Please remember…

1. Our FAQ system is FOR RULE CLARIFICATIONS ONLY, not coaching advice.
2. All information will be made available to all participants. If you submit an FAQ, your question and the answer will be posted on the website for everyone to see including teams you are competing with.


When you submit a new question an email is sent directly to the Supervisor, and a copy is sent to the rules committee.
 Our volunteer Event Supervisors generously donate their skills and a great deal of time. They are the best source for information about their event, but they know little or nothing about what is happening outside of their event. 
They DO NOT know anything about workshop registrations.
They DO NOT know details about tournament schedules.
They CANNOT help you navigate the website.
They DO NOT know how many medals are awarded, or what food is available at the tournaments.

Hundreds of coaches are using our FAQ system. Occasionally (a couple times a year) some Supervisors are buried in an avalanche of inappropriate questions. Please don’t contribute to this unnecessary burden on these busy volunteers.
We ask you to…
take the time to read the answers that have already been posted. The question wording may not be exactly the same as yours, but there is a good chance you will find what you need.
And keep in mind… 
the rules change every year. The wording in the rules is deliberate. We frequently receive questions that could be answered “ Please read the rules carefully. Yes, it is different than last year. Yes, the words mean what they say.”  If you think this may be the answer to your question, think twice about asking it.

There is a huge amount of information shared on our website.
Our search bar does a great job of tracking down what you’re looking for.

It will scrutinize the entire website to hunt down what you need,
including every FAQ question and answer.