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We never stop squeezing more stuff into our web site. 
Some things you're used to finding in this spot may have been moved.
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A collection of information to help a team's Head Coach, including the Head Coach Handbook. Find Head Coach Tools on the left menu under Resources, or Click Here to jump there.


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Find Tips for Event Coaches on the left menu under Resources, for a stockpile of valuable tools, including the very popular video of our Tournament Director explaining an event coach's role..






  Elementary Science Olympiad Coaches:

If you're looking for a good way to describe the Science Olympiad experience
to students (and their parents) ... this is it!

Chippewa Valley's Elementary Science Olympiad District tournament. Recorded spring 2016 at CVHS, and broadcast on Chippewa Valley Cable TV.

The entire video is 28 min long,
or click one of the links below to jump to a specific event.

As always- be careful! ... This video describes what a student can expect to see at a Science Olympiad tournament, but events change every year- Be sure you're using the current rules!

Simple Machines Grasp a Graph Water Bottle Rockets CrashCar Eggspert
Bridge Crime Busters Rock Hound A for Anatomy
Charged Up Amazing Arthropods Starry Starry Nite
Wildlife Safari Zowie Estimation Ping Pong Propulsion
Reflection Relay




Event Coach Tips video



Have you thought about:

   Team practices?




 This short Quick-Start-Guide
video will show Event Coaches 
what they can expect to see
when coaching a team, 
offers some suggestions 
on how to head off problems.














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