Test Archive

Some Event Supervisors allow their tests to be shared after the last district tournament of the season (usually Chippewa Valley, in mid-April). These archived files may contain a collection of blank test, answer keys, and who knows what else. Look it over, and hopefully you will find something useful. But, be very careful!



Event ** 2006 2007 2008  2009 2010 2011 2012  2013 2014 2015
Anatomy           test     test    test      
Bridging the Gap  na na   na  na   na  na  na  na    na  
Charged Up                    
Crash Car Eggspert   na na    na na   na  na    na na    na  
Don't Bug Me        test    test           
Ecology Rangers                test     
Force and Motion              test   test     
Grasp-A-Graph                test     
Reflection Relay        test     test   test   test   test    test 
Rock Hound         test    test   test   test  L'Anse Cruse
 All Others
 test   test 
Rubber Band Catapult   na na   na   na  na   na  na  na    na  
Simple Machines





Starry, Starry Night






Water Bottle Rockets   na na   na   na  na  na    na na    na  
Weather or Not          
Wildlife Safari Test
     test    test   test   test   test     
Zowie Estimation  na na  na na  na   na  na  na   na  

** Be sure to check the event page for links to other useful material. Albert-helper-icon-missing-tests

diceIf you're a Science Olympiad 'old timer', you probably remember being directedto a Chippewa Valley District Science Olympiad page for potentially useful reference material (including district tournament tests). That archive dated back to 2003. 
CVS is updating all of their websites, and those archives will eventually be turned off without warning (if they're not gone already).
If you're feelin' lucky, you can give it a try <Click here and test your luck >