Event Supervisors

al flyingAs an Event Supervisor, your job is to take charge of one particular competitive event. The season culminates in a tournament, but there are many tasks which precede that day.

You will learn the rules of your event better than anyone else, and help others understand them. This might include running a workshop.

Depending on the nature of your event, you could be required to write a test, design experiments, or organize resources to test student devices.

Overall, you ensure a fair competitive environment for all teams. Your event should challenge the students, but not discourage them. 

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Elem Event SuperHandbook

Don't worry- there is plenty of help available...

The Event Supervisor Handbook is a resource to help Event Supervisors deliver a consistent, high-quality eve
nt at the tournaments.  Supervisors should refer to it periodically throughout the season.


If you’re not currently an Event Supervisor, but may be interested, take a minute to look through  this book.
The timeline on page 5 will give you a good overview of the season.
 If it sounds like an exciting opportunity,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . This is a very rewarding experience for the right person..

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District Tournament Directors and Event Supervisors
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Links to download
useful tournament material
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 Crime Busters  
 Precision Ping Pong Propulsion   Pong Score Reporting Sheet
Pong event set-up guideline
 Reflection Relay  Reflection Relay Score Reporting Sheet
 Rock Hound  
 Simple Machines  
 Starry,Starry Night  
 Water Rockets  
Weather or Not  
Wildlife Safari  
Zowie Estimation  Zowie Score Sheet
Mystery Architecture  


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