Macomb policy on Alternate Team Members


This policy is revised.

All alternate team members are welcome to attend the Macomb tournament.


There are two classifications of Alternate team members:

   - those who are registered as one of up to 16 members of an "Alternate" team.  This team will have a unique team number.

   - those who are not registered on a team for the Macomb Tournament 


b.   Please be aware that students may not be part of both the Main team and an Alternate team, and that student-prepared resources must be separate (e.g., their own launcher, rockets, practice data, note cards, etc).

c.   Students that are not on the roster of a registered team submitted at Final Registration may attend and may participate in the Open Events offered.  They may not participate in the competitive events, or be substituted for a member on a registered team unless the Head Coach first submits a roster update to Headquarters.

d.    Registered alternate team members may receive medals in competitive events and will receive participation medals.  Head coaches may purchase participation medals for non-registered alternate team members.

Alternate team members that are not registered must sit with the families in the spectator stands in the Field House.  There may not sit with the team on the main floor.