Sample ZipGrade Answer Sheets


Macomb Elementary Science Olympiad has switched to the ZipGrade optical scoring system. This system is more accurate, more flexible, easier to use, and lower cost than the old (Scantron) system.
scantron gone

Students should practice filling in the “bubbles” without stray marks.

Do not circle - Do not X - Do not scribble.

If you decide to change your answer, be sure you erase completely! It is very important to not be overwhelmed by the excitement of the moment and begin marking their answer sheet at the wrong place.  At a station event, most teams will not start at station #1.


The coach can download practice answer sheets from the ZipGrade website, or by clicking one of the links below.  You can download the ZipGrade app (click here)  to your smartphone and read your student’s practice score sheets the same way they will be read at the tournament (Up to 100 scans per month for $0). Pretty nice!


20 ZipGrade icon 50 ZipGrade icon 100 ZipGrade icon


Some Supervisors may create a custom answer sheet for their event with the answer bubbles embedded in a larger test page. Our Crime Busters Supervisor does this, because he’s just that kind of guy (click here). Don’t let this throw you- it works exactly the same.