Team Membership Rules

Rules regarding Elementary team formation, registration and participation


Each public or private school may have one team.


Except as explicitly noted below, a team may only include students which attend their own school.


A team must register in the appropriate division (K-5 or K-6) based on the grades served by the school.

- A school which ends at 5th grade must register in the K-5 division.

- A school which ends at 6th grade must register in the K-6 division.

- A school which ends above 6th grade may register for either K-5 or K-6.  If the same school registers a Division B team, there cannot be an overlap of grades included between the two teams.  A K-5 team may not include 6th grade students.

- A school which ends at 4th grade may include 5th grade members who previously attended the school to return to compete in the K-5 division.


New Two schools which have a combined enrollment of 300 students or less may form a team that jointly represents both schools. 

- Enrollment will be counted for all grades Kindergarten through 5 for the K-5 division, or Kindergarten through 6 for the K-6 division.

- This team will be eligible to win team-level awards.

- Rules regarding the matching of a school to a division still apply.

- If a K-5 and a K-6 team combine, the joint team will be considered to be a K-6 team.

- Either of the two schools may be public or private.

- Representatives of the combined team must contact MSO each season, with documentation of school enrollments to qualify for or maintain this status.

- The application must include the signatures of the Principal from each school.


New Two schools with a combined enrollment of more than 300 students may apply to Macomb Science Olympiad to form a combined team.

- The combined team will forfeit eligibility for all team-level awards, including any award for the most-improved team.

- Individual team members of a combined team will be fully eligible to win individual event medals.

- This could occur when an established team accepts students from another school.

- Either of the two schools may be public or private.

- The application for combined team status must be submitted each season.

- The application must include the signatures of the Principal from each school.


A school’s team may be any size, but no more than 16 students may be officially registered to compete at the county tournament.


A team may compete at only one district-level tournament each year.


The students that compete in a district-level tournament do not have to be the same students that compete at the county tournament for their team.


New Home-Schooled Students

Home-schooled students may either (1) choose to participate as a member of the Science Olympiad team at the local public school they would attend were they not home schooled, or (2) form a team comprised entirely of home-schooled students. 


In general, the students on a home-school team must reside in Macomb or St. Clair counties.  An exception to this residency requirement will be allowed for up to 25% of the membership of the team, provided that it can be demonstrated that students who do reside outside of Macomb and St. Clair counties have an on-going school-related relationship with a majority of the team.