Help Finding Materials

It may seem a little overwhelming (especially if you’re a new team) trying to gather all the material you need for your team to prepare for every event.


We make sure all of the materials described in the event rules are readily available.
You should be able to find everything you need for CrashCar Eggspert with one trip to Walmart (unless other coaches were there before you).


Event pages on the website may have useful tips to help coaches, such as how to build a CrashCar ramp or equipment for Reflection Relay.


In recent years, practice kits have been available at the Event Coach Workshop (formally known as the extravaganza) to help teams quickly get started practicing.

Different kits are available every year. They have been very popular, but these kits ARE NOT NECESSARY for your team to be successful.


Macomb & St. Clair Teams should use this Macomb Order Form


Wayne-Oakland Elementary Teams should use this WOSO Order Form


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