Useful Material from Past Workshops


You can find presentations from past Extravaganzas here:

2018 Extravaganza (Head Coaches- Use your password- Please be careful)


Re experience the great Hovercraft workshop presented by Conen Morgan. He definitely delivered what he promised.

You can click here to download the slide show presentation Conen refers to. As always- be sure you are using CURRENT RULES! 


Looking for the Hovercraft slide presentation? Click here!


This is the morning session of an all day hands-on
Mission Possible workshop led by Manley Midgett, National Event Supervisor. 

At the 35 minute mark, Manley reviews each teams device and makes recommendations.
This is a great source of ideas- don't miss it! 


Don't be fooled by some of the specific scoring strategies mentioned in the video.
Be sure you're using the current rules- they change every year.




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