2017 Extravaganza



Extravaganza Presentations for 2017 tournament

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     New Coaches Powerpoint

     Anatomy B

     Anatomy C

     Chem Lab Part 1

     Chem Lab Part 2

     Crime Busters

     Ecology B

     Ecology C

     Ecology Internet Resources

     Food Science



     Hovercraft Part 1

     Hovercraft Part 2

     Invasive Species

     Material Science C

     Meteorology B

     Wright Stuff




Centerville Presentations

      Anatomy Powerpoint part 1

      Anatomy Powerpoint part 2

      Anatomy Overview

      Anatomy Endocrine System

      Anatomy Nervous System

      Anatomy Senses

      Anatomy Sample Test


      Astronomy Powerpoint part 1

      Astronomy Powerpoint part 2

      Astronomy Powerpoint part 3


      Bottle Rockets Division B


      Chemistry Lab Powerpoint part 1

      Chemistry Lab Powerpoint part 2

      Chemistry Lab Sample Test


      Crime Busters Powerpoint


      Disease Detective Powerpoint part 1

      Disease Detective Powerpoint part 2

      Disease Detective Training Handout

      Disease Detective Practice Activities

      Disease Detective Glossary

      Disease Detective Foodborne Illness


      Dynamic Planet Mantle Melting

      Dynamic Planet Earth's Interior

      Dynamic Planet Plate Tectonics


      Ecology Overview

      Ecology General Principals

      Ecology Human Impact

      Ecology Ecosystems of North America

      Ecology Sample Exam - Division B

      Ecology Sample Exam - Division C


      Electric Vehicle Powerpoint

      Electric Vehicle Track


      Experimental Design Basic Information

      Experimental Design Guide


      Fast Facts Powerpoint


      Food Science Powerpoint part 1

      Food Science Powerpoint part 2

      Food Science Test


      Forensics Powerpoint

      Forensics Workshop


      Game On Powerpoint part1

      Game On Powerpoint part2

      Game On Rubric

      Game On Rubric Explained


      Helicopters Powerpoint


      Hover Craft Powerpoint part 1

      Hover Craft Powerpoint part 2


      Hydrogeology Powerpoint part 1

      Hydrogeology Powerpoint part 2


      Invasive Species Powerpoint


      Material Science Powerpoint part 1

      Material Science Powerpoint part 2


      Meteorology Coaching Tips

      Meteorology Vocabulary

      Meteorology Vocabulary Activities

      Meteorology Weather Station Sample

      Meteorology Thunderstorm Structure

      Meteorology Severe Weather Topics

      Meteorology Storm Spotter Diagram

      Meteorology Sample Weather Key

      Meteorology Supercell Test and Key

      Meteorology Station Model Quiz


      Microbe Mission General Information

      Microbe Mission Powerpoint part 1

      Microbe Mission Powerpoint part 2

      Microbe Mission Major Groups

      Microbes and Ecology

      Microbes and Industry

      Microbes and Food

      Microbes and Disease

      Microbes Microscope Review

      Microbes Microscope Quiz

      Microbe Mission Practice Activities

      Microbe Mission Sample Test 1

      Microbe Mission Sample Test 2


      Mission Possible Powerpoint


      Optics Powerpoint


      Remote Sensing Introduction

      Remote Sensing Powerpoint part 1

      Remote Sensing Powerpoint part 2

      Remote Sensing Interpret Weather

      Remote Sensing Nasa Satelite

      Remote Sensing Pixil Drawing


      Road Scholar Powerpoint part 1

      Road Scholar Powerpoint part 2


      Robot Arm Powerpoint


      Rocks and Minerals Presentation A part1

      Rocks and Minerals Presentation A part2

      Rocks and Minerals Presentation B

      Rocks and Minerals Azurite

      Rocks and Minerals Basalt

      Rocks and Minerals - Mineral Template


      Scrambler Powerpoint part 1

      Scrambler Powerpoint part 2

      Scrambler Track

      Scrambler Egg Holder


      Tower Powerpoint

      Tower Basic Build Div B 50cm

      Tower Basic Build Div C 60cm

      Tower Check List Draft


      Wind Power Powerpoint


      Write It Do It powerpoint part 1

      Write It Do It powerpoint part 2

      Write It Do It powerpoint part 3


      Wright Stuff Powerpoint