Start a team


What do we need to have a team?

· A Head Coach (a teacher or parent)

· Up to 15 kids (16 in Elementary) to compete (more can be involved)

· Parents, teachers and others to serve as event coaches

· Registration fee ($100 for Elementary, $315 for Secondary)

· Students with a desire to learn more about science, and to have fun!


Where are the tournaments?

Macomb Community College (South Campus)

14500 E. 12 Mile Road, Warren, Michigan


Where can I find more information?


There are several good sources:

· This Macomb Science Olympiad website; look above for links to Elementary and Secondary.

· The list of events is published on the National website for secondary schools.

· The list of events for the Elementary division are typically updated in late October. 

· Hear interviews with past participants.

· After you register, you will get an official rule book for the events.

· Head Coach manuals are published for Elementary, and Middle and High School teams. 

· If you have questions, please contact John Ogden at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



I’m nervous about starting a team in a program in which I’ve never participated.

We want you to get a strong start as a team. Our newly published Head Coach Handbook will help you in many areas (see the links above). We can also provide mentoring from an experienced coach to help you learn the ropes.


September and October is a normal time to register your team!



I’m ready to register a team. Where do I start?


Elementary Team Registration

Find the county registration form at:

A $100 registration fee is required



Middle or High School Registration

Register with the State at:

A $210 registration fee is required.  You will need to "register" on the website to begin.  The "Alternate" team registration fee is $65.

- and-

Complete the county registration on-line form:

A $125 registration fee is required.  The "Alternate" team registration fee is $25.