ZF Scholarships

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ZF (previously TRW) has generously supported Science Olympiad students with scholarships to Macomb Community College, since 2002.


Winners are randomly selected from among the 1st-place medal winners from the High School division.



You’ve won a ZF scholarship… how can you use it?

There are many ways that you might use your scholarship.

You could…

- take a class to satisfy a requirement for college,

- take a class to satisfy high school graduation requirements,

- take a class for personal interest or to learn a new skill like art, bowling, golf, or

- bone up on a subject in which you'd like to improve.



This guide will help you find the information you need to consider your options, and get the most from this great benefit.



When can I claim my scholarship?

You can use scholarship at any time. However, there is a time limit and your scholarship will expire if not used within the timeframe specified on your scholarship certificate.  The time limit has usually been 1 year after high school graduation.


In the past, many students have used their scholarship to take a class during the summer. But why wait?


Consider all the possible choices

The scholarship may be applied to any "credit" course offered by MCC, including tuition, fees and books.

Courses are offered both day and night all week long except Sunday.

Many classes are offered totally online. You can take a course at MCC while away at your home school or while still high school.

Some classes are offered as a hybrid – part online and part in the classroom.


Find a course for you

You can choose any course from over the 1000 different credit courses Macomb offers. Course descriptions can be found in the MCC course catalog. The current course catalog can be found here, or you can request a hardcopy of the catalog from the Information Center at 866-Macomb1 (866.622.6621) or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you are intending to transfer the credit earned to another college or university, you should contact an advisor or counselor at that institution to find out if and how the MCC course will transfer.


Once you find a course you need to find an offering that meets your schedule.


Classes come in all shapes and sizes. Most are 16 weeks long but some courses are offered in 12, 8, 4 and 2 week formats. A Schedule of Classes is posted for each academic term. It contains the information of when , where and how courses will be offered. This information can be found in a printed schedule of classes, or online, or on the Webadvisor portion of the Macomb websiteThe schedule of classes is typically published a couple months before the beginning of each semester.


If you need additional assistance, you can contact the Couseling and Advising office:


Center Campus, room H-103, 586-286-2228


South Campus, room H-316, 586-445-7211


Complete an application for admission

Complete the application, and submit it to Enrollment Services.  Once it is processed, you will be issued a Student  # and a Webadvisor ID.


Contact the Financial Aid Office

Contact the Financial Aid Office at 586-445-7228 to associate your scholarship with your Student ID#.  A voucher will be created that will help pay for your course once you have registered for it.

Register for a class

Registration may be accomplished over the Internet, by phone, or in person.  For more details on these options, click here.

If you have questions during the registration process, you may contact Enrollment Services at 586.445.7225, or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


How much will the course cost?  

The cost of a course will be determined by the number of credit hours, course fees and the books required books. Your scholarship may cover all or just part of the cost. You will be expected to pay any outstanding balance not covered by your scholarship.

To estimate the total cost, multiply the number of credit hours by $84, and add any course fee, and books.


Where can I purchase books?

You can buy your books anywhere. The MCC bookstore can accept scholarship money for book purchases. If you can, make sure to use your voucher to pay for books. The MCC bookstore also has a program for "renting" certain textbooks at a lower cost, if you are willing to return the book in good condition.


Enjoy the class!

You have earned it!


Some high school students attend Macomb Community College in a dual-enrollment program, where some class hours of the day are taken at the college.  The TRW scholarship is not intended to replace that program.  For questions about the dual-enrollment program, contact your high school counseling office.