Financial Summary


Cash Revenue and In-kind Contributions


RevenueThe resources required to provide the many services and support to Science Olympiad coaches and teams, and ultimately deliver two tournaments each year totals about $125,000. About half of that cost is provided by Macomb Community College as an in-kind contribution of facilities for tournament day. Macomb Community College is a vital contributor to Macomb Science Olympiad, and they are also our longest-term supporter, having hosted the tournament for over 25 years.

The cash portion of our budget is provided primarily by three sources: team registration fees, sponsor donations other fundraising activities.  We deeply appreciate the vital financial support that our sponsors provide.  Our community is fortunate to have organizations who care about programs like this, and are willing to support them.We also receive at least $10,000 in other in-kind contributions of facilities at local schools and libraries in Macomb County for training workshops and planning meetings throughout the year.

Cash Expenses

ExpensesExpenses are incurred to support the many teams and coaches who participate in our program.  From training workshops for students and coaches, to awards for top performing students and teams, each expense is considered for its contribution to our mission of increasing students' interest in the fields of science and engineering.

Other important expenses provide support for our event supervisors, printing programs for the two tournaments, support to teams, and team recognition.  



Maybe the most important resource that enables the successful delivery of tournaments each year is the literally thousands of hours of time provided by hundreds of committed volunteers. If we included the value of this time in the financial summary, it would be larger than any other category.  Our program is run entirely by volunteers, and is led by a very dedicated group who individually donate hundreds of hours each year.