Open Events

Open Events occur during the Elementary Tournament and may be sponsored for a donation of $300. Event sponsors are recognized by the posting of a large sign with the sponsors logo or name at the event location, by having their logo or name printed in the program on the Open Event page, and by being listed in Sponsors section of website.

A list of events that we typically host are listed below, but may change as we get closer to the tournament.

If you know of an organization that might sponsor one of these events, download this sponsorship information document and have them complete a sponsor registration.


Pick your event now!

You can send us a donation of $300 through Paypal, and reserve your event before it is sponsored by someone else.  Be sure to name your event in the Paypal transaction, and to provide a phone number where we can reach you to follow up on graphics for your organization name and logo.



If you have questions or need help, please contact John Ogden.

Open Event


2014 Sponsor

A Group Called What

Students will identify what a group of specified animals are called at various stations.

All About Pigeons (Live Exhibit) Students will see and learn about different breeds of pigeons. 
All Shook Up Students will move from station to station identifying what is in a vial by shaking it.

Students and their family will have fun seeing if they are able to complete these tasks

Can You Build It Students will test their ability to follow written instruction to build a mystery model
Chemical Reactions Come be part of this fun interactive demonstration and discover what happens when certain chemicals and compounds are mixed.  PTI Engineered Plastics
Concussion Discussion Join Beaumont Health Systems as they discuss ways to prevent concussions as well as the warning signs of having one  
Critter Knowledge

Students will test their knowledge of animals by answering a series of questions on a variety of animals.

Cup Stacking Pyramids

(Back by popular demand)

Test your skill on stacking cups to build pyramids. This one is fun for the whole family!

 Meade Lexus
Dancing Raisins

Students will have fun with this hands-on activity as they learn what makes the raisins move around.

Details, Details, Details

Just how much do you notice? Test you ability to recall details.

Penny Cohesion

Students will learn about Cohesion and Surface Tension when they do this hands-on activity.

Science Bingo Bingo, science style.
Up Close and Personal Students will look at zoomed in pictures and try to attempt to identify what it the object is. 
What's That Smell? Students will test theirability to identify different smells.
What Went By Students identify mystery animals from pictures and animal tracks.
When the Dinosaurs Roamed Do you know your Dinosaurs?  Find out by identifing and answering some fun questions about dinosaurs.
Wonderful World of Science

Specimens, tools, instruments and more are on display for students to identify.

Words of Appreciation students are invited to design cards for supervisors, to let them know they are appreciated. Cards will be collected at event and given to supervisors once their event is over. 
Zoetrope Discover how movies were made before motion pictures. Students will put motion to their own drawings. 


students will identify what a group of specified animals are called at various stations