Shout Out Guidelines

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It’s easy to create a great looking Shout Out ad! Just follow these simple guidelines...


Mini ads are text only. No need to submit a layout -- just send the text.


Larger ads can include images and logos. Images should be jpeg format, at a minimum of 300dpi


Other acceptable formats are .tiff and .pdf (But jpeg is preferred.)
Please do not submit .png


A good rule of thumb is that if you pulled an image off the Internet, the resolution is probably much too low to use in print (unless it is at least 3 times as big as it will appear in the program).  

shoutout example


Remember- the program is printed black and white, regardless of the images you provide. If you only have a color photo, it should be submitted separately and not included it your layout (so it can be converted to grayscale). 


For best results, you should not submit an image where you have added text to it. Send the text separate from the image, and we’ll combine them during final layout after the image has been properly resized. 


You cannot use licensed or copyrighted images (such as Snoopy or the Superman logo) in your shout-outs.  














If you prefer to create your own layout, these are the final sizes of the different ads.



 Ad Type  Description  Nominal size (inches)  Final layout size (pixels)
Mini Text only- up to 15 characters

2 1/2 wide X 5/8 hi   N/A
No formatting required
Medium Up to 30 words -
Can include a student photo or school logo
2 1/2 wide X 2 1/2 hi  300 dpi image
750 p wide x 750 p hi
Large  Up to 100 words -
Can include a team photo and school logo
3 3/4 wide X 5 hi   300 dpi image
1125 p wide x 1500 p hi
Extreme Half page  7 1/2 wide X 5 hi   300 dpi image
2250 p wide x 1500 p hi
Ultimate Full page 7 1/2 wide X 10 hi   300 dpi image
2250 p wide x 3000 p hi


If these final parameters aren’t absolutely clear, please consider allowing us to complete your layout for you. Sorry- there isn’t time to provide proofs for you to review and make changes.
Trust us- your ad will look great!


Attention Microsoft Publisher users-
If you're comfortable using this popular software, be sure you start with a document the correct size for your ad. (Set the correct width and height  in Custom Page Size, and set Margin guides to "0").  

When you publish as pdf, be sure you optimize for High quality printing (so you get the 300 dpi output). If you're not sure what this means, send your .pub file and our talented volunteer will take care of it for you. If you use a non-standard font you've installed on your computer, it will be lost.


Layouts submitted in Power Point are unusable, and have to be recreated.  




< Click here for a printer friendly pdf of these guidelines >