Registration for Secondary

Only the HEAD COACH should register your team. Not an Event Coach or an Assistant Coach

There is only one Head Coach per school.   If you are not sure if you are the Head Coach, you aren't.

Be sure you have this information available:

       Your division - (what's this?)

       School Name and District (enter Private or Public School Academy for District as appropriate) 

      Head Coach contact info- Name, Email, Phone, Cell

       Alternate contact (optional)- Name, Email, Phone, Cell


You may register a Primary Team and an Alternate Team at the same time by clicking "add another registrant" on the registration form.  You may choose to register an Alternate Team at a later time also.



If you are trying to register an Elementary team (Division A), click here.




You will receive an Email documenting your registration, with instructions for paying your registration fee.  (sometimes it doesn't arrive instantly - - please be patient)



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When your registration fee is received and processed you will be assigned a team number, and your place in the tournament reserved..

Find Region 7 Secondary team numbers here. 


Deadline for payment is December 16, 2017.

Remember - you are registering with Macomb Science Olympiad. 
You must still register with Michigan Science Olympiad separately.
Division B (Middle School) State registration:
Division C (High School) State registration:


Need help? Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.