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Code Warriors

Students will be tested on the concepts of computer science and computational mathematics, and are challenged to apply these concepts to solve hands-on computer programming problems. The programming language is Python.

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Will students have access to the online compiler for free response questions, or will they also be able to use IDLE or another application?

We will only be using the online Python compiler. Students won't be using any external text files to save scripts.

Do students need to know the difference between the 'var', 'let, and 'const' keywords for declaring variables?

Students do not need to know the difference between the 'var', 'let', and 'const' keywords. All of the examples on the website and multiple choice use 'var' and the same will be true of the test.

Do students need to know the difference between function declarations and function expressions? Should students know arrow functions? Do they need to understand 'this'?

Students only need to understand function declarations. There will be problems on calling functions (similar to the example website problems) and they may be expected to write a simple function. They do not need to understand function expressions, arrow functions, or the 'this' keyword. 


Will teams be given 2 computers so one partner can work on the Hands-On programming while the other works in the Interactive Challenge?


This is a reasonable request.  We are making updates to our equipment plans at tournaments so that every team can have two computers to work from simultaneously on both Part 2 and Part 3.

Will students be expected to know if/else statements? (a.k.a. "elif" in Python)

Yes, if/else statements are still in scope.  This same question was raised at one of the workshop sessions, and was not correctly answered.  We apologize for any confusion.

 Please remember, the published rules + the content of the FAQ constitute the official rules.  Nothing else.

The rules say one sheet of paper for notes; may it have information on it, or is it for note-taking during the test?

Yes, it may have information on it.  The sheet of paper may contain any notes that the students believe will help with the test.

Can our team have more than 2 students participate in Code Warriors?

Not at the Macomb tournament.  Practice tournaments may have different participation rules and should be consulted.

Did you not find the answer to your question in the FAQs?

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Event Supervisor

Adam Sanborn

Macomb Science Olympiad

P.O. Box 763, Sterling Heights, MI 48311

For questions about the Elementary division, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.