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What is a "Demonstration Event"?

A Demonstration Event is one that does not count toward the team total of rank points at the tournament.  In this way it does not affect (help or hurt) a team's ability to win a team-level trophy.

We routinely put a new event in this category as we learn how to run it well, and consider if it should become a main-line event.

Who else has run this event?

Codebusters has been run as an event in the Middle School and High School divisions for the past couple of years across all states.  It also has been run at the Elementary level in North Carolina, where this event originated.  You might notice that several of the key study resources come from the North Carolina program.  We appreciate their support.


Will students earn awards for this event?

Yes.  Students will compete for individual medals.

The organization of those medals by division, and how many places are awarded will depend on how many teams participate.  

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Event Supervisors

Logan and Monica Bergler

Macomb Science Olympiad

P.O. Box 763, Sterling Heights, MI 48311

For questions about the Elementary division, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.