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Will the kids be given any type of graph paper to create their caesar shift table or will it be plain blank paper?

They are given a blank sheet of paper.  However, they can use the charts that are provided in the test to help them line up the shift.   See Test Resource Sheet posted on the website.

Is Codebusters no longer a demonstration event?

True.  Codebusters was very successful last season and is now a main competitive event for the 2024 season.


Are the categories of questions presented in a specific order on the test?

The questions on the test will be in a random order, by type of cypher.

I have a paper that says there will be a shift of + or - 5 for the division A Caesar code but everything else I'm reading says division A is a + - shift of 3. Can you clarify?

The Codebusters event is run in other states with different rules.  The Macomb Science Olympiad Codebusters event specifies a shift of up to + or – 5.  That is not the only aspect of our rules which is different, so be careful.

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