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CrashCar Eggspert

Each team will build a structure on top of a PineCar Racer. The structure will be designed to hold and protect one or two eggs as the car is rolled down a progressively steeper series of ramps and crashed into an immovable barrier.

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RULES CORRECTION - Driver Egg point values

When the rules were published for the 2023 season, an error in Driver Egg point values was included.  It was not intended to be changed from 2022.

Revised Driver Egg values:

Ramp 1: +100 points (no change)

Ramp 2: +150 points (updated)

Ramp 3: +200 points (updated)

Must the egg not be wrapped, covered, or attached to the car using the given material? It will merely"sit" in the cage built? Can it be wedged in between the given material?

The egg should not be wrapped or covered. Egg should be able to come out of the structure as a free fall after the run of each slope to ensure its not leaking.

Is it acceptable for the egg to free fall from the back of the structure or is it required that the egg falls out from the top of the structure?

It is acceptable for the egg to fall from any direction provided it is a free fall.

See the "Egg Extraction Rule" video posted above.

Will we know what will be in the bag before the build time?

The possible list of materials is listed in the rules.  The few materials that are excluded will not be published ahead of time.

May the students use all 20 mins for construction?

Yes, they may.  Be aware that the construction time is an important factor in scoring. It is common for the build time on this event to determine rank order among team scores.


With 2 eggs can students hold back an egg so that only one egg is extracted at a time?


See "The Egg Extraction Rule" video posted above.

At the competition, do the students get their eggs before or after the timed build?

Students get the eggs at the same time they get the Kit, before they start building.

If a wheel falls off during one of the races, is the car disqualified or can it still run the next ramp?

 No repairs can be made; but the car is allowed to attempt the next ramp 'as is'.

Will the "up to 3 items" be removed when they get their supplies before they start building?

Up to 3 items will be omitted from the build materials they are supplied.  There will be a printed list of the materials identified in the rules, identifying which materials are missing.

Students should survey their materials and alert the supervisor immediately if anything is missing BEFORE THEY COMPLETE THEIR BUILD.

There were items omitted from build materials at the District practice competition. Will these same items be omitted at the Macomb county competition?

Likely no (but possibly –yes).

Students will not be sure of the materials until they begin to build their car.

Do the eggs have to be in a line one after another, or can they sit side by side?

You may place the eggs in any orientations, driver first or passenger first, side by side or in line.

When are the eggs marked as driver or passenger?

Marking of the eggs is done before the eggs are handed over to the team.

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Event Supervisor

Amish Dharia

Macomb Science Olympiad

P.O. Box 763, Sterling Heights, MI 48311

For questions about the Elementary division, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.