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About Us

Science Olympiad is a team competition that requires knowledge of science topics and engineering skills. It captures the kind of interest, enthusiasm, and commitment for science that is typical of athletic programs. 

We encourage students to become more interested in science and to consider science-based careers.

Macomb Science Olympiad hosts two major tournaments serving Macomb and St. Clair counties: one for elementary students, and another for Jr. and Sr. high school students.  The students compete in 17 events at the elementary level, and 46 events at the secondary level.  We also support several practice tournaments in local school districts for the Elementary division.

Macomb Science Olympiad provides training and workshops for coaches and students, both directly, and in partnership with other local organizations.  Many parents are involved as event coaches; this provides a great opportunity for them to become directly involved in the child’s education.  Students prepare and practice specific skills for months in preparation for the annual tournaments.

Macomb Community College graciously provides the facilities for our regional tournaments. More than 200 adult volunteers are required to support the day, from Greeters, to Event Supervisors, to Cleanup.

We depend upon generous sponsors who provide a large portion of the funding for this program.  

Macomb Science Olympiad is an entirely volunteer-run organization.  We are one of the oldest Science Olympiad programs in the country and one of the few with an Elementary division.  

We are affiliated with the Michigan Science Olympiad and the national Science Olympiad organizations.