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Our season concludes with the great opportunity to recognize the outstanding performance of students and teams.  

The Macomb Elementary tournament has 3 divisions: K5, K6 and Second.  Teams are registered to only one of those divisions and compete within them.  The number of places that we award to is about 30% of the number of competitors in each division.  Only the K5 and K6 divisions are eligible for the Team Awards and the Einstein Award.

Individual Awards

Place Medal

Within each division and for each competitive event, event teams are ranked based on the scoring rules.  We announce the place medal awards in reverse order, and expect students to come forward to receive their medal, one for each member of the event team.  If an event team member is gone by the time of the ceremony, it is appropriate to send another team member to collect it.

Participation Medal

Every student who participates in our program will receive a participation medal.  They recognize our appreciation for the work that students invest to prepare for compeitition.  They are delivered to the Head Coach during the awards ceremony.  If a Head Coach would like to recognize additional team members who are beyond the final registration count, additional medals may be purchased for a nominal fee.

Einstein Award

The Einstein Award recognizes the event champions, i.e., those students who achieve the highest raw score in each event.  An award is given for all K5 students in each event, and separately for all K6 students, including all participants from Primary and Second teams.  For most events, this means 4 students.  Einstein Awards are finalized as part of the overall scoring process, a few days after the tournament. 

Wildlife Safari Event Champions
Students will win a pass to a week-long "Safari Camp" experience at the Detroit Zoo

All other Event Champions
Each winner will be given the opportunity to choose one of these great prizes:

  • 1-year family membership to the Michigan Science Center
  • 1-year family membership to the Detroit Zoo
  • 3-month KiwiCo Tinker Crate subscription
  • 5 passes for a family of 4 to the Reptarium and soon to open LegaSea Aquarium

Team Awards

Team Trophy and Team Medals

Within each of the K5 and K6 divisions, place medal scores are totalled for all events to equal the team score.  Because it is based on rankings, low scores are preferred.  The number of trophies awarded will match the place medal count in the same division.  In any given year it may be different between K5 and K6, although it seems to always be close.  Every team member will also win a corresponding place medal to match the trophy place.  Except for the top 3 places, we typically ask the head coach to come forward accept the awards for the team.   

Michael Cummins Rising Star Award

The Rising Star award recognizes the team in each of the K5 and K6 divisions which has improved the most from last season.  It is named in honor of Michael Cummins who has been one of the most significant contributors to the quality of our local Science Olympiad program. 
Learn more about Michael.

Teams which competed in at least 14 events in the previous season are eligible to win.

Rookie Team Award

The Rookie Team Award recognizes the top placing Rookie team, comparing team total scores.  A Rookie team is one that has not participated in the previous two seasons.  There must be at least 2 Rookie teams in each of the K5 and K6 divisions for an award to be given in both.  If there are at least 2 Rookie teams across both K5 and K6, an award can be given across the divisions.

Traveling Trophy

Among the most coveted awards at our tournament are the Traveling Trophies.  There is one each for the top 3 places in the K5 and K6 divisions; six trophies in total.  Each trophy carries decades of Macomb Science Olympiad history, with each team that earned it listed by year on the trophy.  The awarded team will have their name added, and will be loaned the trophy for display at its school for the year, until the next regional tournament.

Macomb Science Olympiad

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