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Our season concludes with the great opportunity to recognize the outstanding performance of students and teams.  

The Region 7 tournament has 2 "Primary" divisions: middle school (division B) and high school (division C).  Teams which are registered in the "Alternate" divisions of B and C compete separately.  The number of places awarded is a function of how many teams are competing in a particular division.  

Individual Awards

Place Medal

Within each division and for each competitive event, event teams are ranked based on the scoring rules.  We announce the place medal awards in reverse order, and expect students to come forward to receive their medal, one for each member of the event team.  If an event team member is gone by the time of the ceremony, it is appropriate to send another team member to collect it.

Golden Ticket State Bid

Any event team which places 1st in their event, but are on a team which does not receive a State Bid, earns the right to compete in that event at the State tournament.

Scholarship to MCC

Every high school (division C) student who receives a 1st-place medal in an event has their name entered once in a drawing for a scholarship to Macomb Community College.  It is typical for there to be about a dozen $500 scholarships awarded each season.

If you are a recipient of this scholarship and want to learn how to use it, or wish to see past winners, click here.

Da Vinci Award

This award recognizes students who excel in both dedication and skill as evidenced by the number of events in which they compete, and their rank place in each.

Each Head Coach from divisions B and C will be asked to nominate students from their team shortly after the Region 7 Tournament in March.

Team Awards

Team Trophy and Team Medals

Within each of the B and C divisions, place medal scores are totalled for all 23 events to equal the team score.  Because it is based on rankings, low scores are preferred.  The number of trophies awarded will match the place medal count in the same division.  1st place teams also earn a medal for every member of the team.

State Bid

The top placing teams in the Primary B and C divisions will earn a bid to attend the state tournament.  The exact number of places is determined by the State organization, and is based on the number of teams in our region compared to the total number in the state.  In recent years, about 30%-35% of our teams were eligible.

Virginia Wood Spirit Award

This award given in honor of Virginia Wood, who taught in the Richmond School District for almost 50 years, and ...

Learn more about Virginia Wood.

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