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Here you will find resources for Event Coaches.  Scroll down to find your division and the event name listed on one of the tabs below or use the shortcut menu above this to jump to that list.  Select the event name to see what study guides, past tests, or other resources we have collected.  Be cautious, because many of these resouces may not match the current event rules, even though they may be helpful. 

Before that, let us remind you of other good sources for event information.

Other Good Sources

The National Science Olympiad organization publishes many resources with which you should be familiar.   There is also a student-run wiki-type website with tests from past seasons and much more. 

National SO Event Pages

Each event has its own list of study guides, past tests and other online resouces.

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This student-run website is rich with resources.  Look for the Test Exchange, Wiki, Image Gallery, and Forum.

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Event FAQs

You can submit a rule clarification question to be answered by the National Event Supervisor.  And see what questions have already been answered.  You may have to be patient.

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Rule Clarifications

Occasionally the national event rules require an update.  If that happens it will be published here.  Don't be caught unaware.  Build events seem to be the most prone.

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Event Scoresheets

Some build events have such complicated scoring that seeing the scoresheet might help you understand the details.

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B Division Events

B & C Common Events

C Division Events

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