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Head Coach

Here you will find resources that help you organize and run your team.

Important Dates

Final Registration

6:30 to 8:30 pm, South Lake High School
Complete the process of registering for the Region 7 tournament.

Self-schedule for Region 7 Tournament

Online; Opens 3/1 @5pm - Closes 3/8 @ 5pm
Head Coaches, select the times when your team will compete

Tournament Debrief

See a copy of your test or scoresheet. Get advice from the Event Supervisor.
May 4

State Tournament

Western Michigan University
Top placing teams from Region 7 will be invited to compete.

National Tournament

Michigan State University
The national Science Olympiad tournament is happening in Michigan this year! You can attend without traveling far.

Start and Organize a Team

Final Registration Form 2024

Final Registration Form Alternate 2024

Fall Coaches Meeting 2023-24

Start a Secondary SO Team

National Team Size & Grade Level Policy

Head Coach Guide

Recognize Your Team

T-shirt Suppliers

Certificate of Appreciation

Div B Award of Excellence

Div C Award of Excellence


What do we need to start a team?
  • A head Coach
  • Up to 15 students from your school, with a desire to have fun with science; there is not a minimum number of students.
  • $125 registration fee for Region 7 and $230 registration fee for Michigan/National
  • Parents, teachers or others to serve as Event Coaches
  • Some events require supplies
Where is the Region 7 tournament held?

Macomb Community College (South Campus)
14500 E. 12 Mile Rd., Warren, MI 

Practice tournaments have other locations.

When should I register my team?

Registration for teams normally opens in early September, and technically is open until regional tournaments begin.  Region 7 may lose a spot at the State tournament if you don't register by December.

How many coaches may my team have?

Each team has only one official coach (often referred to as the "Head Coach"). This is the person whose name appears on the registration form sent to Science Olympiad. Teams may have as many additional assistant coaches as they wish. They are often called "Event Coaches".

I have 25 students on my team, can I bring all of them to a tournament?

As set by National policy, only 15 students may be registered to compete per team at a tournament.

You may register an "Alternate" team which can also include up to 15 students.  

We don't limit the number of students who are not registered but attend to cheer on the team.

If you school becomes eligible to compete at the state tournament (usually the top ~25%) only 15 students will be allowed to compete.

I was told that each team must provide three adult volunteers for the day of the competition.

It takes a large number of people to conduct an event of this magnitude.  We need many volunteers to make things work.  We are working to increase the number of volunteers from our community in hopes of reducing or eliminating this requirement.

You will receive an update regarding this requirement as the season progresses.

May our team picture have all of the students that participate in Science Olympiad at our school or is it limited to the 15 that will actually be competing?

The content of the team picture is left to each individual school. You may include all team members regardless of your final registration roster.

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