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Mystery Architecture

Students will be given a mystery set of materials to build a freestanding tower as tall as they can. The tower should be constructed to support a tennis ball at its top.

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May students bring a camera into the room?

No.  The students are limited to the items listed in the rules.   If a student is carrying a smart phone, the phone should stay out of sight, and avoid a disqualification for the team.

To what point will the tower height be measured?

The height will be measured to the top of the tennis ball.

Can the container or bag be used in construction of the tower?

Yes.  If the build materials are provided by the supervisor in a bag, box, or anything else, the container is part of the build materials.


If the students get 4-7 unique items to build with, how many of each of those items should we expect?

They could get any number of the items.

Remember that the supply kit is designed to create roughly 10 practice sessions.  That should help determine how many pieces they would get during a build.  Even if you haven't purchased a kit, the list of materials and quatities that is detailed in the Quick Start Kit ordering system might give you some idea.

Also, this is a "mystery" event, so the kit supplies are not specifically what your student might receive.

Where will the kids be building? On the floor, or using a desk, or?

The students will build their towers on the floor.

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Event Supervisor

Kelsey Kneebone

Macomb Science Olympiad

P.O. Box 763, Sterling Heights, MI 48311

For questions about the Elementary division, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.