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The focus topics listed in the event rules says "air masses, fronts, and winds", but the training video says "fronts, air masses, weather instruments, humidity and pressure". Which is correct?

The focus topics listed in the formal event rules is incorrect.  

The revised focus topics are: fronts, air masses, weather instruments, humidity and pressure.

How has the format of the test changed? No stations?

It is true that this event will not have stations, like it has had for many years.

This will be a sit-down test, where every team gets one copy of the test.  The first few minutes of the session will be dedicated to viewing several projected images, while the students answer questions about them.  The team is allowed to separate the pages of the test and work separately.

Will you be testing on Fujita scale for tornadoes?

Yes, the Enhanced Fujita (EF) scale and what it measures.


Do the students need to know numerical measurements, such as cloud height, and if so, in what units?

The only numerical measurements that the students should know are the wind ranges for tropical weather systems, measured in mph.

How is the test formatted? May the students separate the pages to work independently?

The test is printed as 2 separate, double-sided documents: for Part 1 and Part 2 of the test.  

Because this is a sit-down test, the students may separate the pages of the test to work independently.  

Answers written on the test are not graded; answers must be transferred to the ZipGrade form.

Will there be questions on Isobars?

The kids need to know what isobars are and what they represent.  They should potentially be able to pick them out on a weather map.

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