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Wildlife Safari

In this event, students will demonstrate their ability to identify wildlife and their habitats as well as answer general information about the animals through the use of field guides.

Study Guides

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    How will biofacts be presented? Will it be a replica, real, or photo straight from the guide?

    At stations where biofacts are included, questions will relate to information directly from the field guide.  Physical biofacts such as scat or skull replicas will resemble the drawings, photos, or information in the field guide very closely.  Photos may not all be directly from the guide.

    Where can we purchase a field guide?

    The field guides are readily available online for purchase.  

    May students talk during the test?

    Quiet talking between team members is allowed at the stations.

    Does each student fill out a ZipGrade form, or is it one per team?

    Each team is given one ZipGrade form for the test.  See an example posted elsewhere on this webpage.  In addition, it will be pre-printed with the appropriate school name and team number.

    Should students know the scientific names of the animals?

    For the 2024 season (Reptiles and Amphibians) the answer is YES!

    How are ties broken?

    Questions are worth 1-4 points based on difficulty. In the event of a tie, the first tie breaker is the score on Frog vocalizations.  The second tie-breaker is determined by the number of difficult questions answered correctly.

    Can my team have only one copy of the purchased book and the study guide?

    Your team is allowed up to 2 reference sources, one per student.

    If your team is using a purchased field guide, that qualifies as one reference. 

    Student-created field guides are also allowed.  If your team has used a purchased field guide as part of that, remember there must be no loose pages.  That document would also count as one field guide.

    You may have two purchased guides, two student-created guides, or one of each.


    May students write in the purchased field guide, create their own index, or add tabs to it?

    Yes.  Students are able to alter their field guide in the way they will best utilize it to identify species and locate information.  An added index must be attached.  There should be no loose pages.

    Are there restrictions regarding what can be included in the student-made field guide?

    No.  The only restriction is that there may be no loose pages.

    Because time is limited at each station, students should be very familiar with the content of their study guide. 

    May students create their own index to be used along with the purchased Field Guide?

    A team of two students is allowed to bring one field guide per student.  Accordingly, a team of two students could bring the purchased field guide as one of them, and create their own field guide with a different indexing system as the 2nd field guide.  Or they could create an alternate index, and make certain that it is securely fastened to the purchased field guide.

    Is there a size limit on the student-created field guide?

    Yes.  Student-created field guides must be contained in no larger than a standard-sized binder or notebook (no larger than 11 inches), and with no loose pages.

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    Melanie Henry

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