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MCC Foundation Scholarships

For more than two decades, the Macomb Community College Foundation has awarded scholarships to our top high school olympians.  More than $100,000 has been awarded for students to attend Macomb Community College.  

For most of this time, ZF (formerly TRW Automotive) was the primary funder of this scholarship.  Thank you ZF for many years of support!


When can I claim my scholarship?

You can use the scholarship at any time. However, there is a time limit, and your scholarship will expire if not used within the timeframe specified on your scholarship certificate.  The time limit has usually been 15 months after high school graduation.  If you are enrolled in a class by that point, it should be eligible.

What if I have lost my certificate?

The college financial aid office should still have a record of your scholarship.   This is why we are diligent about confirming your information after the tournament.

To what may the scholarship apply?

The scholarship may be applied to most "credit" courses offered by MCC, including tuition, fees or books.  Once you find a class you wish to take, you should confirm with the Financial Aid office that it is not excluded for some special reason.

Some high school students attend Macomb Community College in a dual-enrollment program, where some class hours of the day are taken at the college.  This scholarship is not intended to replace that program.  For questions about the dual-enrollment program, contact your high school counseling office.

Can a credit earned at MCC be transferred?

If you are intending to transfer the credit earned to another college or university, you should contact an advisor or counselor at that institution to find out the details before taking the course.


How much is the scholarship worth?

In most recent years, the amount has been $500 per scholarship.  If you have received a scholarship you should look on the certificate to confirm the amount.

How much will a course cost?

The cost of a course will be determined by the number of credit hours, course fees and the books required. Your scholarship may cover all or just part of the cost. You will be expected to pay any outstanding balance not covered by your scholarship.  You should be able to figure this out in advance.

What are the steps to redeem the scholarship?
  • Find a Course in the catalogue
  • Determine when it is offered
  • Complete an application for admission
  • Contact the Financial Aid Office
    • call 586-445-7228 to associate your scholarship with your Student ID #
  • Register for the course
  • Purchase books
Where can I get more help?

More complete instructions may be downloaded here.

If you have further questions, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Scholarship Recipients

2023 Winners

Logan Bergler, Noah Selegean, Ashley Popko, Gavin Rozak, Melanija Ilijevski, Aaron Wilson, Sajiv Sundar, Julia Myslimaj, Krishna Shastri, Bianca Platon

2022 Winners

Amelia Hill, Carlos Diaz Hernandez, Anika Mahotra, Jamie Schnarrs, Noah Selegean, Jake Gorecki, Vanessa Cusumano, Ashley Popko, Marcus Bosca, Sophie Ferranti

2021 Winners

Allison McGraw, Marcus Bosca, Gabriel Popso, Sarah Farmer, Sydney Tremonti, Arsinoi Bastounis, Divya Bartley, Joey Tidrow, Kyle Bergler, Molly Klein, Nick Felarca, Emily Breton, Marcy Morris, Kirk Rasmussen

2019 Winners

Back row: Jessica Myny, Meghna Krishnan, Daria Podgorski, Adam Zielenlewski, Sydney Tremontik, Graham Selegean, Brandon Mahrle
Front row: Gurnoor Kaur,  Bronwyn Weiker, Aishani Moradia, Arsinoi Bastounis, Katerina Bastounis, Rosalia Midulla, Cameron Dilabio

2018 Winners

Back row: Marochelle Moreno, Ryan McGlynn, Rachel May, Morgan Deal, Brandon Deal, Allister Ho, Amanda Catey, Nicholas Krstevski, Sriteja Malempati, David Kies, Nisha Patel, Mary Steusloff
Front row: Jessica Abey (ZF), Randy Carnahan, Samantha Ziegler Katerina Bastounis, Anna Olson, Joseph LaFeir, Leo Barrios, Ishika Sundar, Lina Diaz-Hernandez

2017 Winners

Back row: Praveen Soundararajan, Timothy LeDuc, Amartya Kattemalavadi, Jacob Jensen 
Middle row: Kathleen Wentzel (MCC Foundation), Brandon Stockwell, Faith May, Elizabeth Gardey, Ian Beaufait, Annalisa Yepko, Nathan Valdenor
Front row: George Jacob, Ishika Sundar, Jai Mann

2016 Winners

Back row: Jack Bugbee, Joshua O'Bannon-Liggins, Ryan McGlynn, Cole Showers, Brennan Coffey 
Middle row: Tessa Peruzzi, Atishay Singh, Stephen Ogden,  Hunter Allen, Samantha Bieth, Rachel May
Front row: Jessica Abey (ZF); Justin Cambridge, Manraj Singh, Rachel Stieber

2015 Winners

Back row: Prabhdeep Singh, John Parke, Zachary Whitacre, Joyce Zhen, Jessica Abey (TRW), Kathleen Wentzel (MCC Foundation) 
Middle row: Akshay Seenivasan, Russell Cucchiara-Besser, Stephen Ogden, Connor Schury, Connor Masini 
Front row: Aashna Patel, Sydney Labon, Silvia Aluia, Sarika Mahimkar, Allina King

2014 Winners

Back row: Jessica Abey (TRW), Maria Coruna, Rachel Ries, Prabhdeep Singh, Giuseppe Artusi, Isabelle Basara, Alex Berdy, Kyle Rudisill, Jonathon Hein, Jasdeep Singh, Thomas Klena (TRW)
Front row: Morgane Chretien, Kayla Rising, Oana Vesa, William Strand, Elizabeth Strand, Akshay Seenivasan, Saumeel Desai
Not pictured: Aashna Patel and Schweta Pandya

2013 Winners

Back row: Connor Berdy, Joshua Magno, Temison Osowa, Jeff Aird (TRW), Dominic Aluia, Michael Dickey, Muheez Alam
Middle row: Jeffrey Rynkowski, Alex Berdy, Noah Bednar, Collin Dettloff
Front row: Jake Hare, Jason Dean, Caitlin Stieber, Katelyn Schram, Nicholas Weingartz, Gina Shoemaker

2012 Winners

Rachael Ross, Lucas Weingartz, Josh Magno, Katie Stiebe, Nolan Kavanagh, Jake Hare, Jeffrey Rynkowski, Gina Shoemaker, Lauren Cocco, Maria Cinguegrani, Mathew Whittleson, Gary George, Neesing Patel, Jasdeep Singh, Stephan Pilorski, Mark Hein

2011 Winners

Chance Seely, Nicholas Buhay, Paul Hoerner, Rebekah Gowman, David Cinquegrani, Troy Ferland, Mark Cinquegrani, Megan Hawley, Mark Hein, Juana Gasso, Shruti Jha, Jeffrey Rynkowski, Manpreet Kaur, Catherine Pieprzak, Hanna Zimmer
Not pictured: Grant Ogden

2010 Winners

Bryan Liptak, Daniel Polan, Richard Polan, Danielle Ogden, Mark Manliers, Joel Bellhorn, Matthew Stewart, Mark Hein, David Cinquegrani, Andrew Morris, Michael Zelenak, Crystal Putrus, Tyler Greene, Juana Gassso, Grant Ogden, Neil Dharia

Macomb Science Olympiad

P.O. Box 763, Sterling Heights, MI 48311

For questions about the Secondary division, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.