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A is for Anatomy

Students will identify anatomical structures of the human nervous and cardiovascular systems. Only the scientific names of the parts of the brain, a spinal cord cross section, a neuron, a spinal reflex, special senses (ear and eye), the parts of the heart, and major blood vessels associated with the heart will be utilized and accepted as correct.

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    The practice tournament used pictures for the Anatomy test. Will that be the same for the Regional tournament?

    We mainly use models for the Macomb County competition.  It is extremely rare for us to use a picture or diagram.

    Where are the anatomy models kept in the MCC Learning Center?

    The Learning Center is located within the Library, in the C Building on MCC Center Campus.

    The models are kept in a room behind the front desk at the Learning Center.

    Please note:

    1) You must make an appointment to use study materials at the Learning Center, and models may only be used in the Learning Center.

    2) The services provided by the Learning Center for this event are strictly for Macomb County residents.  You must present a valid ID.  We will provide a list to MCC of the few registered teams from St. Clair county, so that they are also given access.

    Will you provide model keys for the models in the learning center?

    If the model keys are available, we will provide them. Use at your own risk. The terminology may not be exactly the same as in the rules for the event. We try to use the simplest terminology when possible. Some structures may have more than one name.

    In how many boxes are the models stored?

    There is no set number of boxes. We usually place one example of each model in the boxes in the Learning Center. The boxes are organized according to the organ systems.  There can be more than one box per organ system.  You may have to specify which models you would like to check out each time.  A list of available materials will be available at the front desk of the Learning Center.


    During the test, do both students have access to each station at the same time?

    Yes.  We choose a room which has room for the stations, and a pair of student comfortably at each.

    Why hasn’t a newer example test been posted on the Macomb SO website since 2013?

    We do not release the Regional Anatomy test.  The example test found in the Test Archive was written for a practice tournament, by someone other than the Macomb Regional Event Supervisor.  However, it is a good example of the type of questions and level of difficulty the students will experience. 

    Should the participants learn about the meaning for each part in the body? Does correct spelling count too?

    You do not have to know the meaning of the word.  Spelling will count for the tie breaker only.

    How many models or diagrams will be at each station at the tournament?

    Typically, there are one or two models per station. We try to minimize the number of models per station because of space constraints. We try to avoid the use of diagrams when possible.

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    Ask your rules clarification question here

    Event Supervisor

    Felicia Scott

    Event Supervisor

    Mary Kelley

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